Our Work

"Jorvan Outreach--Empowering those that dare to stand out."

Jorvan Outreach's mission is to support, empower and provide opportunities to individuals who live in dispiriting and unhealthy conditions in Cape Town townships.

Jorvan's two main focuses:
1 - Healthy living
2 - Education

Jorvan Community Outreach runs a Student Center in a Cape Town township called Mitchell's Plain. The Student Center is a safe haven for disadvantaged high school students (ages 6 - 21) who are at risk of not completing school or university due to dire home situations, but have proven potential to be a merit student. After a few months of monitoring a student's progress and application from the student to be a part of the program (called DARE TO STAND OUT at the school), the student is invited to join the program. Visits are also made to the students' homes to assess the home situation. Jorvan Outreach only accepts children from single mother homes and whose living conditions are desperate. Many of the students live without electricity in cramped, overcrowded township shacks. Some of their mothers are illiterate, unaware and without any aspirations for a better life for their children.

The Student Center is a safe haven, library, study hall, common kitchen, technology hub and dormitory located a few doors down from the founders' home. Brian and Melanie Vandayar currently run the Student Center and dinners are held in their home every weeknight. The purpose of the Student Center is to provide a safe and encouraging environment for the students to live (optional) and study. It is, essentially, a study center and boarding school (but with a lot of love and fun!), and provides the home life the students crave and need for success. Brian and Melanie have witnessed how much a secure and stable home life - away from alcoholic relatives, drugs, and gangs - can contribute to a student's success in school and life.

Before the Student Center was established in 2013, Brian and Melanie ran the program out of their home since 2005. Every day fifteen young people would come over to study and prepare for exams. The motivation was to give the students a real chance to study, to make the most of their schooling and get a proper start in life. Brian and Melanie supported the program from their own income and donations from faithful friends. They themselves are unpaid for their work and do not receive government support. Donations in kind or cash are so welcome in order to ensure the survival of the project.